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VIP Escort Massage Services

dana1You deserve to be pampered. After all, you work hard day in and day out. What could be better than having someone take control of the reigns and provide you with complete bliss? Massage services through our service can handle this task. Those who make subsequent appointments with our escorts for massages will be awarded VIP service opportunities. What is included with these types of massages? Read on to find out.

Sessions Can Be Made Without Much Notification

Most clients are required to let us know of a date and time when they can meet with their escort for their massage. In some instances, our escorts will be completely booked during this proposed time slot, leading to the need to reschedule accordingly. If you are a VIP, however, you have precedence over other clients. This means, you can reach out to our service and expect someone to show up when you want, where you want. Every time. There is no need to worry about having to wait for your massage if you do not wish to. An escort will be provided to you immediately.

You Will Get The Girl You Want

In addition to getting immediate service, you have the opportunity to have exactly who you want to provide you with a massage each time you book a session. Many of our escorts are popular with other clients, meaning it can be hard to book a date with your favorite. When you are a VIP, this is not an issue. The exact woman you wish to give you a massage will be provided during your session. If she is already booked with another client, and they are not of VIP status themselves, she will be rescheduled to meet with you instead. The other client will get a replacement escort to provide them with services. This means you will always have the woman you desire, without delay.

The Massage Goes Above And Beyond Expectations

Routine massages consist of kneading the body to take away muscle aches and promote relaxation. A VIP massage has so much more to offer. Your escort will show up to your room or home wearing clothing that will make it difficult to keep your eyes off of her. These clothes will soon be shed though because a VIP massage involves nudity between both parties. 

NURU massage, sexual massage, couples massage, and other types of massage are all options to keep in mind. These are all very entertaining and will get your heart pumping. Relaxation will follow in due time. 

Your escort will ask you exactly what you wish to receive out of your massage session, and she will comply with all details. Do you want to try some role-playing beforehand? Do you want to see her strip slowly and sensually before she gets her hands on your body? Do you want to show her off to the town before you head back to your place for the massage you desperately want? All of these scenarios are possible. All you need to do is ask.