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Samantha Enjoys Modeling Her Lingerie For You

heather4 420Do you enjoy seeing women clad in less clothing than they would wear out in public? I am hoping you agree to that question. My name is Samantha and I love showing guys what I have underneath my outer layers. I find lingerie to be extremely sexy. It makes me feel attractive and there are so many options when it comes to pieces to select from! Here's what you'll enjoy if you reach out and make a date with me for a private viewing.

I'll Show Up To Meet You For Time In The City First

I prefer to go out with my dates before showing them what I am wearing under my clothes. It gives me the chance to flirt a bit and weigh out the right process for the striptease you'll get later. It also gives us a chance to get to know each other. There's a better connection when you know something about your date before you just start taking off clothes, you know? It makes it sexier when we get back to your place. Trust me.

Going out means we will have some fun in the DC area. I know the best locales for a bite to eat or a cocktail. I also know where the best nightclubs are located. You don't need to do a thing...I'll lead you to the fun!

Your Private Show Will Take Place Afterward

When we get back to your hotel room or home, it's showtime. If you have a source of music, put on something slow and sultry. It gets me into the mood to strip down to the lingerie I selected for our date. I'll take off each piece slowly so you savor each second. I even have a backup set of lingerie in case you want to see a different look. Sometimes I get confused and don't know whether to opt for something lacy or something leather and wild. That's why I'll stash my second choice in my purse so you can see them both! You'll enjoy what I'll show you and it's usually hard to keep that lingerie on once you see it in its entirety. I try to keep the desire going by having a "no hands-on" approach until I give the okay. This is going to get you pumped up for what happens when I do finally agree.

Intimacy Is At Its Absolute Finest

When we can't take it anymore, I'll agree to have the lingerie peeled away. I will have you help me with this. I will want to feel your hands all over my body by then. We can then take ourselves to the bed or draw ourselves a nice warm bubble bath where we can get as close to each other as possible. This is the part of the date that I love best. I think you will agree it is pretty fine!