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Nirvana Will Escort You To Heaven

nirvana girlHello there! My name is Nirvana, and just as my name implies, total bliss comes along with everything I have to offer. I'm not joking around about this either. You'll find your nirvana if you spend time with me! I love to pamper my dates and make them feel extra special. Read on to learn what kind of fun I have in store for us if you book me for a date.

I'm Very Easy On The Eyes

I used to be a model and many men can't keep their eyes off of me once they meet me. I do know that I am pretty, but I'm not the kind of girl who likes to flaunt it to any old person. My focus is just going to be on you, so you won't see me trying to show off to others if we decide to go out on the town. I do appreciate it though when my clients tell me they like what they see! It makes me feel good about myself and more reciprocative to any actions you want to throw my way. If you want to see more of what I look like, I do have a profile on the website where you can view some pictures of me. I will tell you though, I'm much better looking when you see me in person!

I'm Ready For Some Entertainment

I love going out! Anywhere you feel like going, I'm there. I'll dance the night away with you, spend quiet time together at a restaurant, or try some fancy cocktails while we exchange banter about ourselves. No matter where we decide to go, my intention is to make you look good and feel good. People will be watching us. That is a given. I'm a pretty woman with a great personality, so it's hard not to look my way. They'll see how much attention I give to you and they may believe we are married or engaged from the way we will act together. All my attention though will be on you the whole time. You'll see. I'll be touching you every chance I can!

Alone Time Is The Best Time

When we finally have some time to be alone, that is where you'll find out about the real me. I will share all I have to offer with you at this time. Do you want to see me strip for you? I'd be glad to do it. Do you want someone to rub your feet or your back for relaxation? That's no trouble at all. Do you just want to spend time with a beautiful woman without anyone else watching what we do? That's the whole point of this time together! I can't wait to learn more about you and I'll be there to tend to your every need. Nirvana is where you'll end up when all is said and done!